· FOXP3 Promoter Demethylation Reveals the Committed Treg Population in Humans
· Induction of human CD4regulatory T cells by mycophenolic acid-treated dendritic cells
· Lack of Foxp3 function and expression in the thymic epithelium
· Local blockade of TSLP receptor alleviated allergic disease by regulating airway dendritic cells
· Essential role of Notch signaling in effector memory CD8+T cell-mediated airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation
· Epigenetic Control of the foxp3 Locus in Regulatory T
· dsRNA阻断大鼠骨髓源性神经干细胞Hes5表达的实验研究
· Dendritic cells in asthma and COPD:opportunities for drug development
· Dimorphic effects of Notch signaling in bone homeostasis
· Dendritic cells in allergic airway inflammation
· Combination of Rapamycin and IL-2 Increases De Novo Induction of Human CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ T Cells NIH Public Access
· CD4+CD25+T cells protect against experimentally induced asthma and alter pulmonary dendritic cell phenotype and function
· A New Paradigm for Understanding Tumor Growth and Progression and Drug Resistance
· A role for TSLP in the development of inflammation in an asthma model The Journal of Experimental Medicine
· Activation of c-Kit in dendritic cells regulates T helper cell differentiation and allergic asthma
· DC细胞与notch信号传导
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